Doppelganger #5


Premiering at SPX 2008!

Choose Your Own Doppelganger #4: Seascraper Escaper


Coming to SPX 2007!

Update, it came to SPX 2007! What do you think about that!?! I bet you were hoping that Doppelganger would vanish from the earth in failure, well guess what!? Even failure doesn't stop the awesomeness-express!

"Choose Your Own Doppelganger #4: Seascraper Escaper!" is a 40-page choose-your-own-adventure style full color comics anthology. You know you like library books, it's not like you had friends in elementary school, or the good He-Man toys...

There are like over 30 total contributors to this book and they all worked absolutely 100% for SLAVE LABOR. Not the publisher, the economic concept! Guest stars include the likes of:

K. Thor Jensen

Chris P. Reilly

Iain Laurie (of Scotland no less!)

Joe Kletz

Ray Frenden

others as well!

Not to mention, all your favorite South Jersey Doppelganger regulars and a few new victims. Find us somewhere, just try.

Doppelganger #3: Seven Deadly Sins


Our worst comic yet! 14 full-color oversized pages of jam comics drawn by those who would willfully injure their own emotional health for your entertainment. Just try and read it! Find out if Reverse-OJ really did it! We guarentee that you will never feel the same way about our comics after thumbing through this classic.

Let he who is without sin cast the first $3... to us!

Over 20 or so total contributors, all at least drunk if not worse.

Doppelganger #3: 7 Deadly Sins Jam-Comic Jamboree


The motherfucker of all jam comics! Coming this spring. Feast your eyes on some photos from leg 1 of das funnybook gang-bang.

Wow! What a bunch of fucking losers... ahem! I mean fucking geniuses!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Doppelganger 2:The Infinity Bar-Fight Crossover!


Holy Shit! The time has come! Our only goal with Doppelganger #2 was to put our legs around our heads and blow ourselves out of the water. Bigger! Badder! Cartoon Violence! Alchohol Abuse! And that's just our family picnic...

Coming this September at Baltimore Comic Con & Small Press Expo

10 total contestants in all!

Ian Harker (Oslo)

Rob Messick & Brian Milligan (Frenzy)

John Carr (Legendery Legends of Legendaria)

Mike Storniolo (Toxic Shock Comics)

Jason Clarke (Unknown Various)

Adam Casey (Arguably Comics)

Jose Angeles (Crude Dude Comix)

Dan McGowan (Unknown Various)

Zac Clark (Redhanded)

Doppelganger #1


Coming Soon: Doppelganger #1. The world's first poly-anthology (wtf?) mini-comic from South Jersey's biggest geniuses on record.

Contributers include:

Ian Harker (The Epic & True* Lifestory of Che Guevara)

John Carr (The Strange But True Tale of Planet Steve)

Rob Messick & Brian Milligan (Youngblood: Bootleg)

Mike Storniolo & Chris Wilson (Toxic Shock Comics)

Guest Artist (from Norway!): Kristoffer KjĂžlberg (Dongery)

Jaime Underwood (Vent)

Jeffery Schomber (The Ronthology, JNS Comics fame)

Ron & Mandi Hoffman (...yes THAT Ron!)

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