Choose Your Own Doppelganger #4: Seascraper Escaper


Coming to SPX 2007!

Update, it came to SPX 2007! What do you think about that!?! I bet you were hoping that Doppelganger would vanish from the earth in failure, well guess what!? Even failure doesn't stop the awesomeness-express!

"Choose Your Own Doppelganger #4: Seascraper Escaper!" is a 40-page choose-your-own-adventure style full color comics anthology. You know you like library books, it's not like you had friends in elementary school, or the good He-Man toys...

There are like over 30 total contributors to this book and they all worked absolutely 100% for SLAVE LABOR. Not the publisher, the economic concept! Guest stars include the likes of:

K. Thor Jensen

Chris P. Reilly

Iain Laurie (of Scotland no less!)

Joe Kletz

Ray Frenden

others as well!

Not to mention, all your favorite South Jersey Doppelganger regulars and a few new victims. Find us somewhere, just try.

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