Doppelganger #1


Coming Soon: Doppelganger #1. The world's first poly-anthology (wtf?) mini-comic from South Jersey's biggest geniuses on record.

Contributers include:

Ian Harker (The Epic & True* Lifestory of Che Guevara)

John Carr (The Strange But True Tale of Planet Steve)

Rob Messick & Brian Milligan (Youngblood: Bootleg)

Mike Storniolo & Chris Wilson (Toxic Shock Comics)

Guest Artist (from Norway!): Kristoffer KjĂžlberg (Dongery)

Jaime Underwood (Vent)

Jeffery Schomber (The Ronthology, JNS Comics fame)

Ron & Mandi Hoffman (...yes THAT Ron!)

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  • I'm Ian Harker
  • From South Jersey
  • e-mail or paypal me: doppelgangercomics [at] yahoo [dot] com
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