Doppelganger #3: Seven Deadly Sins


Our worst comic yet! 14 full-color oversized pages of jam comics drawn by those who would willfully injure their own emotional health for your entertainment. Just try and read it! Find out if Reverse-OJ really did it! We guarentee that you will never feel the same way about our comics after thumbing through this classic.

Let he who is without sin cast the first $3... to us!

Over 20 or so total contributors, all at least drunk if not worse.

Doppelganger #3: 7 Deadly Sins Jam-Comic Jamboree


The motherfucker of all jam comics! Coming this spring. Feast your eyes on some photos from leg 1 of das funnybook gang-bang.

Wow! What a bunch of fucking losers... ahem! I mean fucking geniuses!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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